Happy Monday!!! I started a lil vlog channel #KatjaGliesonVlogs (link in bio)

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From Katja’s Instagram Profile

  1. lord.nuvo 7 years ago

    I love you too much

  2. a_93iii 7 years ago

    لو تشيلين ذا الشنكار الي بلسانك اطيب لك

  3. aaroncgarland 7 years ago

    @anya.mariaa sing this then

  4. altea_muca 7 years ago

    @lorena.dedjaa e kan ne terezi

  5. lorena.dedjaa 7 years ago

    @altea_muca sa ma shpif ajo qe ka ne .

  6. larry.miller.3114 7 years ago

    Crazy woman on the loose!!

  7. lici_alicia_ 7 years ago

    I loved it @katjaglieson

  8. kamyabri 7 years ago

    @anitaschell sie ist meine neue liebe

  9. angelluz36 7 years ago

    you cant be so perfect …

  10. emmajuutinen 7 years ago

    I love it

  11. arturoochoa67 7 years ago

    @snazzyasskait she bomb?

  12. nasznoli 7 years ago

    So fckking cuteee

  13. natashaatika 7 years ago

    Is she Australian?

  14. shahin_fat 7 years ago

    @mohammad_em_jey story hasham toop foqoladast story hash

  15. abideen.syed 7 years ago


  16. ronan.keizer 7 years ago

    XD you are like my overhappy girlfriend @katjaglieson

  17. snazzyasskait 7 years ago

    @arturoochoa67 yeah

  18. trevonemystery 7 years ago

    I love u and ur voice

  19. abbas_shabi 7 years ago

    How are you girl

  20. hemo_te 7 years ago

    Dam u have a big mouth

  21. akshitmalik07 7 years ago


  22. hasanbaalbaki1 7 years ago


  23. giannuzzi.757 7 years ago

    O my gosh katja i love you

  24. giannuzzi.757 7 years ago

    Your so talented

  25. anya.mariaa 7 years ago

    Are u joking she’s amazing @aaroncgarland

  26. beviecgee 7 years ago

    Love you and Amanda also your beautiful voice

  27. _owennn 7 years ago

    Seen the table @beckyyscott_

  28. grrvr 7 years ago

    ur voice is on point

  29. calspencer0 7 years ago

    Youre so weird i love it

  30. mas0ngleeson 7 years ago

    Low key cringed when she just bursts on in song

  31. itsginienotjenny 7 years ago

    Omg your voice is amazing!!

  32. tvoy_idol___ 7 years ago

    Ну зачем так орать

  33. _wyan 7 years ago
  34. aniutyk_m 7 years ago

    #katjaglieson where are you from. Did your parents had some connections with Ukraine or Russia ?

  35. mdj2305 7 years ago

    @egg_zachly @jay_oh21

  36. Beautiful singing voice.

  37. damien_warchild 7 years ago

    Officially in love

  38. bennybonestattooman 7 years ago

    You are so zany, it’s awesome @katjaglieson

  39. meptba 7 years ago

    @tvoy_idol___ ХААХАХАХ такая хуета из-за тебя у меня в предложке?

  40. tvoy_idol___ 7 years ago

    @meptba хахахахах ну соска же

  41. tvoy_idol___ 7 years ago

    С Майами

  42. tvoy_idol___ 7 years ago


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