1. frostilit profile image
    frostilit 5 years ago

    Sounds like an school artist put into the future

  2. mieks33 profile image
    mieks33 5 years ago

    Nice singer but the video could do some work. Good job!!!

  3. kevinleeofficial profile image
    kevinleeofficial 5 years ago

    Always ya number #1

  4. casewalker._fans profile image
    casewalker._fans 5 years ago

    You are amazing Can you follow us ? love you @katjaglieson

  5. okangel528 profile image
    okangel528 5 years ago

    @mitchac umm shess amazin

  6. shelby960731 profile image
    shelby960731 5 years ago

    I love u katja love everything about you

  7. shelby960731 profile image
    shelby960731 5 years ago

    Hey kaja can u Follow me pretty please I would like to have u as my frend on Instagram

  8. nate3ryan profile image
    nate3ryan 5 years ago

    Ehm…may I ask… sorry.. how to pronounce her name… btw shes beau

  9. diana.smailova7 profile image
    diana.smailova7 5 years ago

    Cool music

  10. lupulescupavlu profile image
    lupulescupavlu 5 years ago

    U will be a star!:))

  11. wasimsk2 profile image
    wasimsk2 5 years ago

    Love you

  12. superbunny8 profile image
    superbunny8 5 years ago

    where is your accent

  13. __prmd profile image
    __prmd 5 years ago

    @dwrsa_ unique

  14. hiii_its_abbiii profile image
    hiii_its_abbiii 5 years ago

    Listening on spotify rn

  15. yilan.batista profile image
    yilan.batista 5 years ago

    I love the song and this video is so cool

  16. crystalrocksforever profile image
    crystalrocksforever 5 years ago

    Sick song!!!!

  17. moonfirequeen profile image
    moonfirequeen 5 years ago

    I am listening to it right now and I love it

  18. ben_stap profile image
    ben_stap 5 years ago

    Doesnt even make sense XD

  19. hydratednataliee profile image
    hydratednataliee 5 years ago


  20. _lisa_sireli_ profile image
    _lisa_sireli_ 5 years ago

    Omg love it

  21. realcoachcoffey profile image
    realcoachcoffey 5 years ago

    Oh wow! This is the first time I’ve heard the studio stuff!!! Nice!!!

  22. annagregory5294 profile image
    annagregory5294 5 years ago

    I love it

  23. becca.newengland profile image
    becca.newengland 4 years ago

    @nate3ryan katya is how you pronounce it and Katja is how you spell it

  24. prncess.aji profile image
    prncess.aji 4 years ago

    U can really singgg

  25. ediojb profile image
    ediojb 4 years ago

    Be singer

  26. ant_alythequeen profile image
    ant_alythequeen 4 years ago

    I love this

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