1. So excited!! Let’s rock this fam!! @lici_katjator @gregeinstein @katjaglieson__fanpage00 @katjaglieson70 @katja.ben @katja_lovefans

  2. katjagliesonmerch 5 years ago

    Yaaas queen!! So excited!! @katja.glieson.fan @lizmau91 @courtney_kay1 @the_hot_shot15336

  3. redheartsforkatja 5 years ago

    Ahhh i honestly cant wait

  4. saracheriann 5 years ago


  5. saracheriann 5 years ago

    I love you!!️️

  6. bst_of_both_ 5 years ago

    amazing @katjaglieson

  7. dale_j_2018 5 years ago

    Matter of hours now. Congratulations Katja on another original release.

  8. hirenvf8 5 years ago

    Will be waiting

  9. fettymazouz 5 years ago

  10. katja_lovefans 5 years ago

    So excited omg !!!!!!!!!!!

  11. katja_lovefans 5 years ago

    @katjagliesonstreetteam yassssss

  12. jaber_oth 5 years ago

    Aren’t you just the cutest ever️️️️️️

  13. akonickingston 5 years ago

    I love you dear

  14. _i_have 5 years ago


  15. xox_aimee13_xox 5 years ago

    Sooooo pretty xx️

  16. _diva_johnson 5 years ago

    OMG I can’t wait to hear the lyrics OMG love u @katjaglieson

  17. imselma_ 5 years ago

    Yeayyyyyyy I’m hyped!! I’m so happy

  18. smithbryan856 5 years ago

    Have a beautiful weekend and well said my lady

  19. I love you so much Katja your the most beautiful woman ever ily ️️️️

  20. tama4rob 5 years ago


  21. khokha_360 5 years ago


  22. negin_salari_ 5 years ago

    Ohhh new song!️

  23. exploringwithmichael 5 years ago


  24. exploringwithmichael 5 years ago


  25. forsythe.jughead 5 years ago

    Not the best but good

  26. leightitley 5 years ago

    You are very beautiful

  27. polo3zebra 5 years ago

    Check it while playing Destiny

  28. ueio 5 years ago

    Hmu To Be Featured On Daily Raps, Akademiks, Worldstar, and Lyrical Lemonade

  29. spectrumsky01 5 years ago

    Great talented girl

  30. bamshoe 5 years ago

    You’re such a cutie

  31. ejsiii14 5 years ago

    Awesome song and music video katja!!! You really did an amazing job and you have an amazing voice! Can’t wait for your next video!!!

  32. travelingandtiffanys 5 years ago

    So good! Super excited. Love your voice!

  33. xx.poppymae.xx 5 years ago

    Oml your so pretty I’m jelly ️

  34. wolfiemaija 5 years ago

    Adorable ️

  35. brandon_mx15 5 years ago

    You absolutely love pink gr8 song !

  36. this_is__akhil 5 years ago


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