Oh my word! This was insanely awesome. You know, you were there! Kelianne and I had so much fun not only playing with our food, but eating it too.
Caffe Concerto is a gorgeous and classy Italian cuisine restaurant.
They kindly invited us to be their guests at their very cute venue in Koreatown. The blue lemonade was the BOMB! We were giggling as the sugar went straight to our heads.
This is a traditional Italian style restaurant, so their vegan options didn’t seem to exist on the first view of the menu. But wow were they plentiful with their options!
We started with some warm bread with vegan pesto. It was perfectly soft in the centre and crusty around the edges.
Appetizers were Brussel Sprouts in what tasted like a balsamic sauce. Look, I don’t know exactly how they did it, but I am drooling thinking about it.
We also shared truffle fries without the parmesan cheese and blue cheese sauce. But let me tell you, they did NOT need it. Truffle already gave the fries a cheesy flavor, and the curry ketchup complimented it PERFECTLY!
Kelianne and my manager Mr. B shared the Portobello Fries. (I didn’t indulge in these as they were fried in batter made with egg) but I hear they were awesome!
For the main event! I had the mushroom salad and added tofu steak.
Firstly, may I say it was HUUUUUUUUGGGGEEEE! All their meals were massive!
It was a bed of mixed greens, with red onion, cherry tomato, oyster and shiitake mushrooms with a balsamic and olive oil dressing. The tofu was cooked to PERFECTION. I get so excited thinking about it. I cant wait to eat it again!
Kelianne had the hamburger steak, which literally came out of the kitchen sizzling! It had a big fried egg on top, with a side of rice and vegetables. The vegetables had a spicy kick to them. I couldn’t help but try what looked like a half a white avocado on her vegetable plate. Turned out to be a potato! LOL
Mr B ordered the tomato and broccoli pasta with a spicy tomato sauce, without parmesan and added tofu. He ate the whole big bowl, and added some of the mixed greens that decorated the appetizer plates.

Kelianne had to dash off to work, but I got a chance to have a chat to the owners and we all got to see the beautiful artwork on their walls of Koreatown.
Huge compliments to the chef! Thank you for your hospitality. Such a beautiful, family run restaurant.

We all were so stuffed and very satisfied afterward! There was NO ROOM for desert, but next time we go, I think Kelianne needs to try some of their famous shaved ice and macaroons!
Thanks for putting up with my terrible table manners.


  1. Rodrigo 9 years ago

    I have to say it was the most fun lunch that seen so far! i have in my teeth? said Katja, I thought it was salad as goat beard, was hilarious! her tongue was red and she did not know why ! omg, i truly lmfao, thanks for this K! PD: it’s definitely a place I’ll visit when traveling to USA

  2. Russell 9 years ago

    Thank you for a very entertaining time Katja, and that blue lemonade will get you every time. lol 😀

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