Leading up to my show at OC Pride, I was feeling a little unfit so I decided I wanted to do a short smoothie/juice cleanse. It was only going to be for 5 days, but if anyone has ever stuck to a juice/smoothie cleanse, you will know how hard it is. I get super grumpy and find it difficult to concentrate. Basically because my brain constantly screams GIVE ME FOOOOOOOOOOD.

Everyday I had at least 2 Green Juices. In my green juice, I love to keep to the same recipe. Green Apple, Spinach, Kale, Lemon, Lime, Celery and Orange.
I also had at least 2 protein smoothies that I changed up. After attending the Vegan Smart event, and getting my samples, I have since gotten a whole lot of their products.

Day 1
Beginning the day in a hurry, the first thing I wanted to get in was a good workout. For me, having music is so important during my workout. It helps me get through it and motivates me to work harder. Usually, about 20 minutes of my life has been saved by Cord Skinz. They are these little bright colored piping that you put on your headphones to stop them from tieing themselves into knots. I showed you guys my bright yellow ones. They have saved me soooo much time. www.cordskinz.com. They are super cheap too! And you know I love bargains. Getting through just juices and smoothies was pretty easy on day 1. I had 3 juices and 2 smoothies.

Day 2
Let the hangry begin! I woke up so grumpy. I got in another workout but had to really up the water intake.
Straight after my workout, I had a Banana Chai Vegan smoothie. Its the only company I have seen that makes vegan chai protein powder! I used to always drink soy vanilla chai lattes but they obviously are not a part of a smoothie/juice cleanse. Honestly, I think I liked it better than the latte!

Day 3
The worst day by far! I had extra green juices and smoothies to get through this day. I added some sprouted almonds to my smoothies to make them a little bit more filling. I still am working towards the OC Pride show, so I want to be able to workout while I am on this cleanse.

Day 4
I feel much better! I discovered a new recipe of protein smoothie. I used two different flavors of Vegan Smart protein powder. One serving of Vanilla and one serving of chai. I basically made a frozen vegan vanilla chai protein latte. I used some soaked cashews, ice, protein powders, mapel syrup, banana and spinach.

Day 5
OC Pride Day! I felt so good! I was so glad I stuck to juices and smoothies. I have been in the recording studio every night for the entire week. My voice needed a big sleep in. By the time I woke up, I had to get ready fast! THANK GOD I COULD GET A WORKOUT IN. I only had time for one Green Juice, then onto the show. After my set, OC Pride provided us some vegan sandwiches and dips. I made sure I didnt eat too much too fast. I am a sucker for free food.

I really think this is doable. My goal is to do a 21 day Vegan Smart challenge. Maybe you could do it wth me lol. What do you think? I have already ordered a HUGE container of the Chai flavor. Maybe I should just get them all and do this!


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