I was so bummed that I couldn’t bring you guys into vidcon! The service was just not happening at the Convention Centre in Anaheim.
I got to meet some gorgeous girls that have seen some of my shows. I can’t wait to see them again.

I also got to meet the very cute Keaton Keller! Another fellow periscoper who is literally the sweetest guy ever. I really hope to be able to do more work with him in the future.
Follow him @keat

I loved hanging out with Famous Birthdays and I finally got to meet Nicole Arbour! I am certain you guys know her. She is literally the most amazing person ever! She is hilarious and vibrant. To say I got a Girl Crush is an understatement, as I am certain anyone who has caught her periscopes would agree.

I got to jump on her periscope thanks to The Hilton and their amazing WiFi and invited all of you to watch us together. We had a chat about potentially doing some funny work together. What are some of your ideas for what you wuld like to see us all in? follow my girl @nicolearbour she is freaking amazing you will NOT regret your decision.

  1. holden 9 years ago

    Double headed scope. A themed rap battle. You two together are like peanut butter jelly.

  2. Russell 9 years ago

    The thing that counted is that you were there Katja 🙂

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