As some of you guys know, back when I did theatre in Australia, I have the fantabulous opportunity of working with Fight Director Kyle Rowling.
With him, I did both my beginners and intermediate certificate in weapons and combat for stage and screen! It was hard work and great fun all at once.
Kyle has worked with the best of the best. From training Eric Bana for the film Troy, to assistant Fight Directing and acting/stunt doubling in Star Wars Ep 2 and 3!

Like the superstar that he is, Kyle was visiting LA and catching up with his friends at Iron Shield Arms Studios in Glendale.
I brought Kailey along with me, and Kyle very kindly offered to give us all a lil quick chain workshop!
Lets face it, I hit myself in the face and in some unmentionable private areas, but eventually got the hang of it. Thanks for laughing with me, not at me. LOL You were super encouraging I really appreciate it. I think you know more than anyone, I really get self conscious (A LOT) and your kind words just help me give it a go. 🙂 So thank you.
Kailey nailed it because she is a total pro! I really am so lucky to have the sweetest people in the world join me on my adventures.

If you are in Sydney Australia, you HAVE to meet Kyle. He is a dear, and sweet man who is so passionate about bringing the entertainment industry authentic fight scenes!
He also has his own Jedi Knight action figurine.
The classes at his school are for e everyone and anyone up to challenge their mind and body.

Kailey and I may have to take some cool classes here in LA

If you guys ever try these classes you HAVE to tweet me pics! Please ALWAYS do it with professional supervision!

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  1. holden 9 years ago

    my first katja scope! hooked since july 3rd 2015.

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