Straight out of the recording studio and on to the red carpet!
I was insanely underdressed for the Matt Leinart Foundation charity event held at Hollywood Lucky Strike.
Past the flashing lights and interview fun we went inside the bowling alley to a huge line up of silent auction items!

From Lakers tickets, to autographed musical instuments by some of the music indistry legends! My favorite was the signed microphone by Michael Jackson! Massively out of my price range, I left a bid and a message back home to Australia to see if my family would help pitch in for this priceless item and give to charity.
I got the opportunity to meet Matt and conratulate him on all the wonderful work he has been doing.
For those of you who havent heard of the charity, the Matt Leinart foundation is committed to granting opportunities for disadvantaged youths to play sports.

I was overwhlmed to hear from some special agents some bids on the Michael Jackson signed microphone!
With your help and the kind donation from my family and my pocket money, we won it! And gave to an amazing cause.
Thank you guys so much. You just continue to inspire me.

  1. holden 9 years ago

    So awesome to see you so happy and giddy with the MJ mic! Super cute shirt you had on too! =)

  2. Avery 9 years ago

    Wait, you think you were under-dressed…for bowling? LOL, I bet no one even noticed!

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