I recently received a message from Special Agent Adam (below). I thought it would be nice to record a video reply. Thank you so much Adam for writing to me!!! love katja xxxx 😛

Hey Katja,

Every month I try and write three short letters to people that inspire me. It may sound corny, but these letters help keep me focused on the goals of my department; to inspire health and to celebrate good. So, I hope you will get to read this!

As a singer/songwriter I imagine your life is crazy & exhausting! You are on Periscope all the time. You are always blogging, writing songs, practicing, performing, making personal appearances and looking for the break that will help you make it big.

You moved far away from home to pursue your dream. You overcame bullying, numerous blows to your self-esteem and are an in industry where very few people are looking out for your best interests.

It’s the combination of your life experiences that have turned you into the person you are today.

Your positivity is infectious, the way you treat people is uplifting and your outlook on the world is refreshing.

You have what it takes to make it big! Not because of your looks, although you are gorgeous, or because of your great voice; the reason you WILL be a star is because you have gifts that very few people have, the ability to connect and the ability to inspire. These gifts are eternal. Looks and voices can be taken away.

I am sure you have doubts, are put in uncomfortable situations and there are times you probably feel overwhelmed. In those times look in the mirror, think of where you WERE, where you ARE now and remember that nobody can stop you! You will beat out the haters every day of the week!

Unfortunately, people like you are in the minority in this world. We need you!

Keep up the great work, I look forward to keeping track of your progress and remember what Steve Jobs said, “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do.”

In good health!

Adam L

  1. Russell 9 years ago

    Both the letter and the video are very heart felt, and I want to thank both Adam and Katja for sharing with us.

  2. Russell 9 years ago

    I just watched this again, and it was making me very emotional, in a happy way

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