A new opportunity for artists and content creators in Los Angeles. Thunder Studios is 5 x the size of You Tube space. To kick off VidCon, Thunder Studios held a launch party to introduce their amazing facilities!

I had the wonderful honor of performing in their main studio which includes one of the largest infinity cyc walls split with green screen in Southern California.

It was so awesome having the whole periscope fam join me and my danecrs Kelianne and Danielle as we rehearsed backstage, checked out all the new gorgeous facilities, and did sound check.

Thank you to everyone who was so lovely and supportive through out the entire day/night.

To fnish up our fun evening we took a trip to Kitchen 24 so we could finally eat! I had the best vegan benedict ever!

I really look forward to bringing you along to Thunder Studios and creating more amazing work. I really love that they are passionate about creating an environment for artists.

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  1. Russell 9 years ago

    I can’t wait to see more performances like this, and that was a huuuuugggge green screen!

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