Last year, I met an amazing man. His name is Thomas Heck. Thomas is the creator of P.A.C.E shows. He selflessly gives his time and energy to schools and communities spreading joy and entertainment everywhere he goes. From Anti-bullying campaigns to domestic violence awareness, P.A.C.E shows bring attention to important issues for youth in the community, all the while providing a safe, fun environment and encouraging education.

Thomas is a part of the Summer Night Lights program where almost every night during the Summer, he goes to communites where the LAPD have organised programs for the local children and teens to have some fun. They do workshops, have games and food, and Thomas brings special guest performers.

I got to bring you guys along with me to a lovely community in The Valley. These precious angles were adorable singing and dancing with us. If you would like to learn more about what P.A.C.E does and to support Thomas Heck please check it out here.

I would love to do something as a fundraiser for him, do you have any ideas? Lets chat about it on Periscope. Maybe release a song and all the proceeds go to P.A.C.E shows? A live stream showcase? What do you think?

  1. holden 9 years ago

    You were amazing with the kiddos! I don’t have any big fundraising ideas. But I think giving your time and hanging out with the kids would be great. Sing and dance with them. Make a music video or a song with them, and have them perform it. Possibly sell that as a fundraiser on its own. I love how you are always giving back!

  2. Russell 9 years ago

    Great performance Katja. I had to replay it because I had to sleep during that time.

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