Another event where it was difficult to periscope on my lovey carrier T Mobile (who i adore by the way, just wish I could get better coverage. But hey, they are sending signals to space and back again what do I expect? lol)

You guys got to meet the special guest DJ with me earlier, your main man Warren G.

He just got periscope so you can follow him here @regulator

Warren G was spinning the best tunes all night! Well, he wasn’t playing our songs, but hey maybe one day soon :p

We got to meet and run away from many drunk party attendees as we sipped on our water and enjoyed dancing.

I got to meet the gorgeous Lizza Monet you guys know her as @xoxolizza.


I heard about some of her amazing periscope adventures. I cant wait to go on some with her.

  1. holden 9 years ago

    priceless imitation of the young actor! leg smacker. #beardguy

  2. Russell 9 years ago

    One day, probably really soon your records will be spun 😀

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