What a beautiful day to celebrate USA! Thank you United States for being so accepting. You are the land of the free!

I got to spend the day and night with some of my best friends in the US (all over the world on Periscope), and meet new ones too!
To kick off the day, we attended a mansion party in Beverly Hills. It was the whitest exterior I had ever seen! The sun bounced off the outdoor furniture and the white concrete into our faces! It was a beautiful party, with very sweet people. Compliments to our host and his hospitality. He provided a fabulous BBQ with an open bar for all the +21 people, and icy cold juices and lemonade for me and my friends. You know how much I love pineapple juice! I remember my first vocal coach told me its good for the voice, so it is my go to beverage. Especially when you are at an event where you are talking over loud music.
Then we had a super long drive in the car to Newport Beach to hang out with our friends Jake, Mark and Alex that you met on the Yacht! Unfortunately, I had TERRIBLE phone service! But luckily, the boys were filming for Jake’s youtube channel. His beautifully edited film can be found here
Make sure you subscribe to his channel for more cool adventurous videos and comment that you’re one of my peri family!

Here’s a behind the scenes video:

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  1. holden 9 years ago

    super cute head piece

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