Or should I say… Pink Carpet! OMG it was a pretty hot pink color! I loved it!
This event was called Denim, Diamonds and Music.
So I dressed appropriately. The only thing that was a knock off were the fake diamonds on my jumpsuit. Hey, the diamantes were close enough right? hehe.
And in traditional Katja style, I rejoiced as they had FOOD! They even had VEGAN FOOD. I got to eat from their dip and fruit platters!

The venue- The Record Parlour in Hollywood. Oh my goodness! They had so many cool records and they were dirt cheap! I was really tempted to buy the Beaches soundtrack for $3. But I haven’t got a record player! Maybe I’ll go back to collect it anyway. Uh oh did someone say “Let’s start a record collection”?





  1. Robert 9 years ago

    love your outfit , denim is the chipotle of clothing 😉

  2. Russell 9 years ago

    Why not start a record collection?

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