I am always running late! You know that 😛
After my songwriting session today, I got home at the exact time I was supposed to have arrived at my event!
I needed to move fast.
During the day, all I had on my face was some mascara and some very untamed hair!
Here was my superfast routine if you missed the scope.




1. wash face!
2. moisturize
3. set up periscope! I like to give my face a few mintues after I moisturise, before I apply make up.
4. Concealer. Using my ring fingertips, I apply concealer under my eyes, on my nose, and on the sides of my forehead, because i have these huge blue veins that very kindly run blood to my part-time working brain.
I like to use Mac liquid concealer.
Not only are they not tested on animals, but they also sit really lightly on my face. I hate feeling like I have craft glue on my face!
5. Bit of Bronzer. I apply it to my cheeks, around the sides of my fsce, down the neck and on the nose, for a golden glow.
6. Neutral tones on the eyes. Just a light illuminating tine on my lids and brow line, then a neutral matte brown in the crease
7. Black liquid eyeliner! Love it!
8. Mascara
9. Lipgloss, or even chapstick. I eat lipstick and it ends up on my teeth!



I used a thin curling iron by Conair. I just purchased it at my local phamacy!
I sectioned my hair in half and curled as fast as I could!
I brushed out the top of my hair, put a spritz of hairspray and I was done!


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  1. Russell 9 years ago

    If anything, your brain works overtime Katja 🙂

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