Ahhhh I was so nervous! I wanted to surprise you guys because I was so excited! Until today I had never even seen an issue of Playboy. Now newbies who werent on the scope, I understand the stigma that can surround Playboy, but bear in mind what you are worried about. It’s just a woman’s body! Haha. There is so much more to the company than you realise. Everyone at Playboy radio/tv were so amazingly welcoming and supportive. The lovely ladies are so beautiful and intelligent and so confident.

I actually didn’t realise how full on it was going to be! I got a lil lapel microphone (that I smacked in the interview by the way- oops)
We had so much fun in the studio. Could you see my lip qwivering? I was so freaking nervous! I didnt want to let you down!

We got to chat about music and moving to the US Then we played a hilarious game. Woman’s Body or Australia. Where they zoomed in on something really super close and we had to guess whether it was a picture of a Woman’s body or something from AUstralia.

I wont lie, I wasnt great at the game. But I did guess the last one specifically. I just knew it was a Koala!

I got to meet the very sweet and extremely talented Kevin Durand! I am such a huge fan of his! His interview was freaking amazing!
Thank you guys for joining me in the sound booth while I was in the studio.

  1. Eddy 9 years ago

    Ha this is great

  2. Russell 9 years ago

    I was kind of shocked that you were asked t do an interview, but it was a great interview.

  3. holden 9 years ago

    The radio hosts were pretty cool! I thought it was hilarious the first question they asked you, like boom! I would’ve been nervous too! But you handled it well and always do great interviews. You rocked the shit out of that dress!

  4. Rodrigo 9 years ago

    I was concerned about the legality of their presence , for their age, nevertheless it was fun!

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