So this is the one I didnt get to show you 🙁 I was so sad you couldn’t be there with me.
It was a crazy day. Sound check was at 5 pm.

But when we arrived, there was no equipment yet. Unfortunately there was a lil miscommunication so the show was delayed a few hours.

The show opened with a showcase of wonderful performances by Linda’s vocal students. Special Guest Bryan McKnight owned the room by giving us an impromptu performance. He and Stanaj jammed and seranaded all of us with their gorgeous vocals. OH MY GOSH and Bryan played my keybord! Jake Paul and Logan Paul performed their new singles live, for the first time. Entertainer of the night Geroge Janko was amazing! I got to perform my song Electrical Skin and do an acoustic version of Look At Us.

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  1. Russell 9 years ago

    I am glad that it was an amazing night, and I can only imagine how things went.

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