LA isn’t just about swimming pools and movie stars! It’s also the home to some of the most talented artists in the world.
As a lover of theatre, there is nothing more refreshing than to watch a rendition of Shakespeare.
Independent Shakespeare Co. offers free live shows located at Griffith Park Old Zoo.

To respect the rules of the company, (and not to give away any spoilers of the show) I only Periscoped the introduction to their first performance of Romeo & Juliet.
But take me for my word when I say, that it is so unbelievable that this company has the ability to give their shows to the public completely free of charge.
Their version was spectacular! Each actor was so well trained and on point with their Shakespeare vocabulary. They made it very easy to interprit even for those who arent so familiar with the dialogue.

I absolutely adored the chemistry and playfulness between the two main characters.
The live band was so engaging and interactive, and the music well suited to the directors’ vision of this renition of Romeo & Juliet.

I have to say, in my opinion, the stand out performers were Mercutio and Tybalt. Of course, Mercutio is my favorite character in Romeo & Juliet, but all the more reason why I would be critical.
For dates, details, directions and to donate Independant Shakespeare Co. visit-

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  1. Russell 9 years ago

    We need more events like this where I live. Thank you for sharing with us!!!

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