So in the very hot and sticky Valley, I turned up to a party! The MC gave me an amazing introduction to everyone who was at the gifting suite and I did a bit of “Look At Us” a capella. EEEEEP I was so glad I did my Billy Purnell vocal exercises that morning. You can never be too sure. I was met by the gorgeous and very sweet Maddy, who kindly helped me with my bags. I felt like a lil old retired lady! It was so awesome. All I needed was a walking frame and some glasses with the string around my neck so i dont lose them. Oh and a fanny pack! In Australia we call them bum bags!

But I digress. Maddy led us around as we met with SOCIAL HUNT!

So many celebrities have signed a treasure chest that will be hidden somewhere. You guys could win thousands of dollars worth of SWAG! I think I wanna win it. All proceeds of the SOCIAL HUNT will go to disaster relief! BEST IDEA EVER!
Check them out on twitter @gosocialhunt
Next onto my energy hit for the day! The boys at Rhino Rush gave me a double shot energy boost that would have me jumping off the walls.


Ok one of my absolute favs- ULTIMATE Workout and Recovery @InBedFitness. NO MORE EXCUSES! This lil workout kit is going to be something I love to hate! I can take it on tour with me and get that toning exercise in. Hmmm I really should do it right now. Hold on a sec…
Ok I’m back and working my thighs. MULTITASKING is the future! Resistance bands for days.

10 year old Skylar Trice is the youngest business owner I have ever met. She has created veggie and friut based organic lip glosses. They are vegan friendly too! Yay! I got myself a tomato lipgloss. I just want to eat it.

Wanna know what NBA superstars get up to when they chill? They save the world of course! I got to meet Lakers star AC Green who has created AC Youth Foundation “The A.C. Green Youth Foundation is about building character, building strong bodies and strong minds, winning and losing with dignity, teamwork, and sacrifice” He shared with us the wonderful work he has been doing with the community and gave me some of his new product. AC Green has created im Aqua. Which makes complete sense considering majority of our bodies are made up of water. (By this time I really needed some I was getting jittery- that Energy shot really worked!) So with im Aqua, you add it to your normal drinking water, and it adds all the essential minerals and electrolytes the body needs to hydrate. @NBA_Ironman

Onto aother one of my favs! Life Bracelets by Mandy J Ross. This beauty queen has made gorgeous bracelets that have elents of the earth inside to give us strength, inspiration, energy, creativity and life! I got one for each of my girls in their fav colors! @MandyJRoss #LifeBracelet

Just as we were about to leave, I got hit by a bundle of energy. Skateboad champ and wonderful man, Roger Hickey of Fresh Park.

Roger had been giving out scooters all day and wanted to chat about perhaps making a custom scooter. Bright and fun for you periscopers out there to see on the phone, and with a lil spot for Kestra beside me. Ok I have to say I am in LOVE with this idea.

Roger has an amazing story himself. He was homeless at 14! Can you believe it? He now dedicates his entire life to making programs for youth to keep kids healthy and safe from harm on the streets. He has a fantastic product line of protible skateboard ramps! Roger does not stop and I really hope I get the chance to work with him in the furutre. I just love such inspirational people like him.

What a busy and fun day! We made so many new friends.

  1. Robert 9 years ago

    a fun periscope, and just love being on this journey with you, Katja + so much cool stuff too 😀

  2. holden 9 years ago

    Way to kill it on the spot! The people loved you! Roger was also a very amazing guy!

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