1. dale_j_2018 3 years ago

    Now that’s true #girlpower or #womanpower

  2. travelingandtiffanys 3 years ago

    Hello Clarice 🙂 I love your sheet mask

  3. distefanojon45 3 years ago


  4. distefanojon45 3 years ago

    Bring back the vlogs

  5. smithbryan856 3 years ago

    Happy Wednesday my sweet angel

  6. faisalmn87 3 years ago

    thats a lota blondes

  7. joe52.5.9 3 years ago


  8. desmond_derek 3 years ago

    The illuminati is an elite organization that bestows on its members wealth power and fame and its teachings are beneficial to the world and knowledgeable to its followers and there are certain benefits entitled to new members of the illuminati like 25000usd as a welcome cash from the illuminati, a personal house and an official car..would you love to be a member??

  9. thecalibarcollection 3 years ago

    Hey lovely, your account is amazing! We would love to collab and feature in one of your posts, DM me

  10. jerika.4.life_18 3 years ago

    Those are some true friends right there!

  11. annietopaz 3 years ago

    Nawh, sweeties!

  12. kylieluna05 3 years ago

    Same with meeee

  13. gilmhercroes2 3 years ago

    I just saw your recent photos. It looks like your photos are getting better with time imo

  14. sla7356 3 years ago


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